While contracting and supervising the construction of our home, Bo Ladner of Paramount Contracting, Inc. was the utmost professional, providing both invaluable knowledge and advice in all phases of the construction. He required first class workmanship and quality from all who were involved. Those who have visisted our home are impressed with the quality of construction and the unique aspects of the home. How refreshing it was to work with a business person, like Bo Ladner, who has such great integrity and high standards.

Bob and Jamie Perronne

Jesse and I cannot thank you enough for the dedication and attention you showed to us during the building of our first newly constructed home. Building a home, we learned, can be very stressful, but being able to call you anytime to express an idea or concern eased the pains of building and gave us confidence that our home was being built by someone who cared. It was as if you were building your own home and not someone else’s.

My mother and sister both recently built homes and when I explain to them how you are there through every step, inspecting the work and demanding quality, they are shocked and disappointed that they did not choose you as their builder. Both of them have horror stories about various aspects of the process – sub-contractors that did subpar work and their contractor who did not go to bat for them. But the people you use are top notch, the best I’ve seen, and their work is second to none; however, we know if it is subpar, you will have them correct the mistakes.

You take all the guesswork out of building, constantly researching better ways to build a home that is not only beautiful, but is built to last. It is comfort money cannot buy, but everyone should afford! Thank you again! We love our beautiful new home!

Michelle Sekul Kanode